About Us

We believe that everyone deserves a home filled with love and companionship. We provide exceptional person-centered care aligned with specifically designed individual care plans. Our highly trained staff provide safety, structure and a life filled with laughter, joy and purpose. For many of the people we support, the complexities surrounding their daily care needs are too intensive for their loved ones or other providers. Therefore, a place at Living Well, may be their only choice for long-term care. It is our mission to provide these exceptional services which create fulfilling lives the people we serve so richly deserve.

Many of the people in our care spend years with us because of the level of comfort and service provided. Guardians and families know that people thrive when supported and truly seen.

It is the greatest gift for my oldest child to be in a stable environment, cared for in every way.

Janice T. (Mike’s Mom)

with Living Well since 1992

What We Do

We have provided invaluable support for hundreds of people impacted by disabilities every hour of every day for the last 49 years. Many of the individuals we serve require intensive assistance with complex and challenging daily living needs.

People We Serve




Jeff’s Story

A life transformed

Jeff came to Living Well Disability Services when he was just 8 years old unable to speak, communicate his needs, or even walk. But the caring staff at Living Well welcomed him with open arms, patience, and encouragement.

By working with Jeff every day, they earned his trust and gradually helped him turn his frustration into happiness. The staff was able to teach Jeff sign language, letting him finally be heard, connect, and make friends. They even helped Jeff learn to walk on his own. This mobility gave him the independence to get around the house and do his favorite thing in the world – pick up a puzzle, dump out all of the pieces, and put them back together again.

How You Can Help

Donate Your Time, Talent or Money

There are many ways to get involved at Living Well Disability Services. You can volunteer alone, or with your family and friends. You can use your professional network to spread the word, sit on a committee or offer professional services pro bono or at a discount. And you can donate money now or arrange to donate in the future via planned giving. When you donate time, talent, or treasure you are provided a hands-on real-life connection to our mission.

Explore Careers

Connection, caring and commitment to others and community encapsulate the reasons to join the Living Well family. When you work at Living Well Disability Services you are given the opportunity to enrich the lives of people living with disabilities and make a direct impact on their quality of life. You will learn and grow in a positive work environment and gain professional experience in many areas of caregiving and support.

Attend an Event

Events are a fun way to support and advocate for the people we serve. Meeting and mingling with other like-minded people interested in helping others by supporting a community-based nonprofit provides an exceptional way to connect with Living Well Disability Services Mission. By buying a ticket or volunteering at one of our events you are telling the world you support inclusion and are actively working to shine a light on disability awareness.

In the News

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Meet Maia, 2024 DSP Shoutout Recipient/Week 16

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Meet Amy, 2024 DSP Shoutout Recipient/Week 15

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