Dakota Communities is proud to announce that Molly Halls, Advocate at our Victoria Road home, has been named an ‘ARRM Cares Direct Support Professional Award’ winner for 2013.

ARRM is the state association of 150 disability providers, including Dakota Communities, which supports thousands of people. The award was selected from many nominations and honors Direct Support Professionals who demonstrate a commitment to quality services.

An employee of seven years, Molly is known for her fierce determination. She consistently goes above and beyond in her care of people served at Dakota Communities. She has a unique ability to discover each person’s dreams and make those dreams come true.

When Molly joined Steve (pictured right) on his first dog sledding trip in the Boundary Waters, she knew he was destined for greatness and adventures beyond what life had handed him.

“It began years ago when Molly saw a light shining in Steve’s eyes,” says Program Coordinator Derek Rust who nominated her for the award. “His smile could be seen for miles and giggles of joy could be heard all across the Boundary Waters that first day.”

Molly represented Dakota Communities at the 2013 ARRM Annual Conference in Duluth this May. We thank Molly for her commitment to Steve (pictured right), and everyone she has served over the years.