Living Well Disability Services was founded as Dakota’s Children in 1972 by parents, volunteers and community  partners in West St. Paul. As a private, nonprofit organization today we provide person-centered services to people living in eight counties in the Greater Twin Cities area.

Our start in 1972 as Dakota's Children

Our start as Dakota’s Children in 1972

Opened in 1973, the Marie Avenue residence was one of the first community-based residential facilities in Minnesota for children with developmental disabilities. In 1997 ‘Dakota’s Children’ became ‘Dakota Communities’, and we have grown from one home in Dakota County to 35 homes in 22 communities in Minnesota.

Over the years we have focused on good stewardship — stewardship of our organization, our relationships and our finances. More than 500 people work for Living Well Disability Services today, and we are grateful to over 500 committed volunteers who dedicate their time and talents to supporting the people we serve.

Respect of individual and family needs has been the philosophy of Living Well Disability Services from the beginning. Over time, a person-centered approach was developed to emphasize what each person with disabilities wanted, needed and hoped for in his or her future.

Since 2008, we have been creating culture of wellness through our comprehensive health and wellness programming. Living Well Disability Services has been recognized for consistently delivering exceptional services to families.