Becky getting her nails painted

Becky getting her nails painted

Living Well Disability Services provides trained Direct Support Professionals for individuals with disabilities who live on their own or are living with family members.

These services can be specifically customized to help a person in their home or in various community settings.

Our highly trained staff provide support in the community as well as in a person’s home. Community supports may include: making connections and enhancing relationships, ensuring continuity of medical needs, supporting an individual’s preferred activities.  When at a person’s home, staff may assist with meal preparation, home cleanliness, and self-care to maximize the independence of those we support.

Person-centered planning

We work with individuals to build their own plans. Each plan focuses on the development of individualized goals to realize potential and achieve desired outcomes. Every person is different and values a different set of supports. Our person-centered services honors those differences.

Chris D with James

Chris D with James

Matching people

We know that the right team makes all the difference. We are dedicated to pairing individuals with support staff who are uniquely qualified to support each person’s specific needs, interests, and personality.


  • In Home Family Support (IHFS)
  • Independent Living Services (ILS)
  • Semi-Independent Living Services (SILS)
  • Supported Living Services (SLS)
  • Respite

For more information about Customized Services contact Rod Carlson at 651.242.5118 or