More people are hearing the words “Assistive Technology” in conjunction with accessibility conversations. That’s because accessibility doesn’t only mean curb cuts and automatic doors. It means opening doors to opportunity and choice to people who live with disabilities.  ARRM Minnesota created this fantastic video for its Technology Resource Center. The video shares the story of Dan S. — a professional artist with a huge personality who calls one of our residences his home.  He utilizes technology ranging from his wheelchair, to his communications device, to the customized crown that holds his paintbrush. All these things give him greater opportunity and expression. Midwest Special Services worked with Dan to develop a tool he can wear that helps him paint.  The video also features great input and perspective from Kit Piltingsrud (Program Manager) and Sam Subah (Assistant Program Manager).  A second video will soon be released showing more detail about staff and organizational use of assistive technology in our homes.

January 8th, 2019