William T. & Richard M. with BethEach year ANCOR, the American Network of Community and Resources, recognizes outstanding direct support professionals with ANCOR Awards.  This year ANCOR created 5 new awards to recognize DSPs from around the country who showed excellence in 1 of 5 fields: advocacy, leadership, innovation, NADSP tenets, and relationships; only two people are awarded in each category from every submission across the country. This year Beth Ryan won an award with special commendation for her efforts in advocacy!

“Under our original system where we had only one winner per state and then a national winner, we saw a lot of excellent DSPs not receive recognition because their state produced several great candidates and judges had to make tough calls to pick only one. That’s why we created the category awards – to be able to expand our recognition not just to a DSP’s overall actions but also to DSPs who really exemplified advocacy, leadership, innovation, relationships and DSP tenets.” Doris Parfaite-Claude, Federal Advocacy and Research Manager.

(Pictured are William T. & Richard M. with Beth)

February 22nd, 2018