Ways to Get Involved

Whether by volunteering your time, money, or even your birthday, there are so many ways to help Living Well Disability Services to support people impacted by disabilities.


Your time is valuable—and also the perfect way to support our mission of delivering exceptional services that transform the lives of people impacted by intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities. Your time and your talents are resources we need, and spending as little as an hour or two working as a volunteer makes a direct impact on the lives of those we serve while also supporting the staff who care for them.


Your donation is a direct way to impact the quality of life of the people we serve. Each and every donation goes to health and wellness programs, home beautification efforts, assistive tech and a litany of other “extras” that make the lives of those impacted by disabilities better. Care beyond the basics makes for a richer life, and your donation creates the opportunity to rise above the basics by offering comforts in addition to care.

Join our Events

Participating in events is a fun way to get involved. Sometimes we long for connection, other times we want to do something to build awareness for an organization, and then there are times we want to give back but prefer to do it in style. At Living Well Disability Services we have a signature Transforming Lives Gala each fall where you can get dressed up and mingle with likeminded supporters and the people we serve. And every summer we are gifted the opportunity to be celebrated at the Tapemark Minnesota PGA Pro-Am which raises funds for three charities who support people with disabilities.


One of the most compelling ways to get involved is to use your voice for action via advocacy. With 100% of the people we serve being disabled we depend on funds from Medicare and Medicaid to properly care for the population we are dedicated to helping live full and joyful lives. Advocacy is twofold. On the surface and in a very direct way, a big part of this advocacy is letting our elected officials know what quality care means, and why funding is vitally important. And in a more subtle way, using our voices in our communities, schools, neighborhoods, and workplaces is an essential tool to helping others understand that people living with disabilities are deserving of our time and friendship. Communication in both areas is key to true acceptance and inclusion.

How You Can Help

Besides traditional one-time cash gifts you can give via monthly donations, include Living Well in estate gifts, give in honor or memory of a friend or loved one, or donate to COVID-19 expenses. Businesses are invited to support the mission via event sponsorship, company match programs and various other opportunities. We are happy to tailor a program to your personal or professional donation plans.

Your Impact

In combination, your time, talent and treasure have helped us fulfill our mission every hour of every day for almost 50 years. Because of you we are able to provide beautiful and comfortable homes, services beyond the basics, and quality compassionate care. Because of your support and outreach we can positively impact the lives of those who we directly serve, as well as all people living with disabilities via sharing stories and advocating for inclusion.