Living Well at Day at the Capitol back in March.

Back in January we rang the bell alerting our supporters that this was the year to fully dive into learning about our mission and finding ways to help the disability services industry—and that the time for advocacy was NOW. With new legislators and critical bills up for review, it was more important than ever to be both seen and heard. You listened to our call, contacted your representatives, and told your friends and family why you dedicate time and effort to helping our mission of providing exceptional services for people living with disabilities.

Our 2024 legislated increases are comprised of the following changes:


—All people served in ICFs will receive an increase of $40/day.

—2 newly established rate floors.

Class A – $275 (We have 1)

Class B – $316 (We have 14)

For those that are below these rate floors after the $40 increase, their rates will be increased again to the new floors.

—ICFs will see an annual rate increase tied to inflation data each year, something ICF services have never had in Minnesota.

—Unfortunately, all ICF rate increases were pushed back to January 1, 2024.

Waiver Services

—Several components of the DWRS are being adjusted.

—DWRS component changes will now use 2-year-old economic data, instead of 3 year data, helping our rates stay a bit more current.

—The competitive workforce factor in the DWRS will be increased by 2%.

—Some final component values will not be set until later in 2023, so precise impacts will be known later this fall.

Provider Grants

—A pool of $90 million grant dollars will be established for providers in the long-term care industries, including disability services.

—Providers will need to submit grant requests to access these funds, which are geared toward recruiting, retention, and employee engagement.

—Projected start date for submissions is January 1, 2024.

Funding supports people living with disabilities and their families. Brian with his parents at Family Fun Day last June.

While we did not realize the entirety of our original bill proposal, 2024 will bring Living Well some meaningful rate increases. We are incredibly proud of how Living Well and its surrounding community, performed. While not the full result we had hoped for, it is important to note that we received more support this year than in the past. This is a victory. Above all we are confident these results will positively impact future advocacy efforts. The momentum is in our favor, and we will continue to advocate for Living Well and other disability services providers.

Peggy, with Living well for 20 years (in the middle). With her Sister, Teri and COO Rod Carlson. All advocating for support at Day at the Capitol in March.

We have been advocating for people living with disabilities, and the people who love them, for 50 years. And we will continue to do so until the people we serve and those who care for them are truly seen, supported, and funded.





Contact CFO, Rod Carlson with questions or for more detailed information at Check out the bills presented by ARRM this session here.