In 2023, we dove into sharing our stories with the community—committing time, energy, and resources into spreading the word about Living Well’s mission. As we move closer to 2024, please take a moment to see the news segments about Living Well’s impact shared by our local media. We shared the importance of advocacy this year, and CEO, Tom Gillespie spoke in front of legislative committee members on behalf of Disability Services. We launched a DSP of the Week feature to celebrate our incredible staff, showing the world that the people we employ are professionals worthy of acclaim. Our stories showcase Living Well’s mission at all levels—hoping to show partners, donors, volunteers, staff and advocates that disability services providers are worthy of inclusion in conversation, media, and community.

The work we do at Living Well Disability Services matters and has a direct impact on the quality of life for the people we support, and the staff who care lovingly for them and their families. Now more than ever people are ready to lean in and learn about the work we do and see Living Well as an industry leader. Please watch, read, and share your favorite 2023 media story from below with your friends and families.

Here is a breakdown of stories (blogs and DSP shoutouts can be found here):

February, Star Tribune: This Op-Ed was written by our very own Tom Gillespie. People started to pay attention to our 2023 rallying cry. Read here.

March, WCCO and KSTP: Living Well and Minnehaha Academy Partnership. In March of each academic year, students from Minnehaha Academy in grades 9 through 11 participate in a weeklong learning experience called CORE Formation Experience. During this week, students are exposed to experiential opportunities. The goal of these in the Community Formation Experience program is to work together to meet a real need, in the real world, for real people. It was such a great opportunity for both organizations that Marielle Mohs from WCCO and Brett Hoffland from KSTP stopped by houses to cover the story. Marielle came to Mary Adele and Brett came out to Carmen.

March, WCCO: Take a moment to watch Tom chat with political reporter Caroline Cummings with WCCO. She spent the day at the Capitol and took time to chat with Tom about why everyone was there. Support of the bills in front of the house and senate was essential, and the time for Advocacy was urgent. Huge thanks to WCCO for covering this important event. Watch here.

March, KSTP: Fresh Eye Arts, MSS and Living Well PresentedTo Sally, Paintings by Dan Stallsworth, an Art Exhibition March 31-April 2. Dan made the news along with Ian from MSS. Watch here.

April, Pioneer Press: A reporter chatted with Dr. Amy Zsohar, Inver Hills Speech Communication Instructor, and Kathy Anderson, Volunteer Program Manager at Living Well, to tell their readers about our incredible partnership. Read here.

April, WCCO Radio: CEO Tom Gillespie was on The Morning News with Vineeta Sawkar. She brings the day’s most important and impactful news stories, talks with the news-makers and influencers we need to hear from, and brightens days with fun anecdotes and stories along the way. Listen here.

May, Dakota County Tribune: Check out this great op-ed discussing the importance of community partnerships written by the president of Dakota County Technical College and Inver Hills Community College. Read here.

May, Edina Magazine: Our Southcrest home was on the cover of the June issue of Edina Magazine. Take a moment to learn about Rob, Corbin, Leo and Katie—and why this house is both unique and incredible. Read here.

May, KSTP: A cameraman from KSTP came to Como Park to celebrate our crew and see Elvis! He even interviewed Tony Redmond, who has performed as Elvis for Family Fun Day for years. Watch here.

August, Star Tribune: We are so proud to announce that Living Well Disability Services has been selected as a 2023 Star Tribune National Standard Top Workplace. Read here.

August, Twin Cities Business/TCB: Twin Cities Business announced Living Well Board Chair, Kevin Pleasant, as one of their 2023 NOTABLE NONPROFIT BOARD MEMBERS. Kevin, is a dedicated board member committed to our mission. Congrats, Kevin! Read here.

October, KSTP: The news covered our employee recognition event, where we showcased long term staff and work anniversaries. Every time we get featured it shows the world that our mission matters and the people who work here are truly HEROES. Watch here.

October, Fox 9: Watch Mike from our 3801 house. October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and they met up with him at work to discuss his passion for baseball cards and his job. His boss Mark is great, a true advocate! Watch here.

October, Twin Cities Business/TCB: In early October Twin Cities Business announced Living Well HR Director, Alison Nelson, as one of their 2023 NOTABLE LEADERS IN RECRUITMENT & TALENT. Alison started her career in direct care and is a dedicated professional committed to our mission. Congrats, Alison! Read here.

Legislative Advocacy:

February, House Human Services Finance Committee, Tom Gillespie Testifies: Living Well staff, and representatives from organizations like ours, testified in front of House and Senate Health and Human Services Committees to plead our case for disability services funding. Watch here.

May, CEO Tom Gillespie spoke to the Health and Human Services Conference Committee: Relating to SF 2934 Omnibus human services appropriations in one last effort to get them to fully support the bills in favor of Disability Services Funding. Watch here.



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