We were so excited to premier the mission video celebrating the Southcrest house at our Living Well Gala that we are sharing it here so everybody can see and enjoy it.

Thank you to FUSS Marketing for helping to produce this gem of a video.

This year we tried something new. When deciding what to feature for the gala video we landed on a mission style mini documentary that showcases one of Living Well’s houses. We strive to make our houses homes, so we dove in and created the perfect introduction to what we do, and why we do it. Please take 10 minutes to sit back and meet the crew at our Edina location. And while watching, try to remember that there are 35 other homes just like it with equally amazing personalities and staff. We simply do not have the time to film every house.

Big thanks to the Twins and Edina Creamery for letting us film at a game and while getting ice cream.

Stories do not tell themselves—they need to be told and shared. We know that meeting the people supported by Living Well, hearing from them and their families, and watching people living their best lives, all while caring staff provide inclusive opportunities to be part of community, help people understand why disability services are important. Please watch and learn about Rob, Corbin, Leo, and Katie while coming to a greater understanding of the Living Well mission of providing exceptional services for people living with disabilities.

We probably need a full season on Netflix, but for now … consider this episode one—meet the crew at Southcrest. Please take the next 10 minutes and watch this incredible video here. It is the best thing you will see all week, guaranteed.

It’s not too late to donate to the Gala. We met our goal, but the truth with disability services is the need for contributions never goes away. More donations equal more access to opportunities and inclusion. Donate here, simply scroll down and choose any amount!