Turns out surprises are amazing! And $5,000 surprises spread extra holiday cheer and make us all BELIEVE in miracles. With the craziness of the past two years still going strong, Living Well Disability Services’ end of year end fundraising appeal was delayed due to: 1) an envelope shortage (yep, first toilet paper, then wood, and now envelopes, who knew?) and 2) our amazing printer operating short staffed following the injury of an important member of their team. We knew it was going to go out eventually, so with grace and crossed fingers, we just went where the project took us—which meant behind schedule but with a heartfelt message of gratitude.

With the chaos of the project mixed with the typical holiday hustle, it felt like the last few weeks were full of Mondays. You know how that goes, too much to do, too little time, and too many hurdles along the way. Then yesterday, an actual Monday, reminded us that everything is possible and good things do happen when you are a part of a great community. Why was it so special? This Monday was EXTRA because Jim from the South Robert Street Business Association showed up with so much holiday cheer, it took two of us to hold. Out of the blue, on the day our appeal finally made it to the post office, $5,000 showed up on front door. Maybe Jim is actually Santa, sure feels like it.

Tom Gillespie, our CEO, was on a phone call, so Heather Lane, our Communications and Events Manager, stepped in to receive the donation. We are so GRATEFUL for the generosity of the South Roberts Street Business Association, and Frank Hanzal at CBL Floors for putting our nonprofit on their radar.

Turns out not all Mondays are bad, and when you BELIEVE, amazing things can and do happen. See what we did there, BELIEVE. Look at her sweatshirt, it was clearly predestined (and because Heather and another coworker agreed to wear nothing but holiday gear this week). Isn’t any day you get to hold a giant check, a good day? We sure think so, and just had to share the love!

Happy holidays to all, and to everyone trying to make end of year goals, or people and business looking for places to donate—support is there, is essential, and fills us all with JOY.