As you know, supporting the health and well-being of all our employees and the people we serve remains one of the pillars of our mission. It is literally written in our name as well as our mission, vision and values statement.

MISSION: Living Well Disability Services transforms the lives of people impacted by disabilities through the delivery of exceptional services.

VISION: A day when all people impacted by disabilities and our employees live well.

VALUES: Our values shape our decisions and guide our actions—advocacy, community, leadership, respect and wellness.

Petting an animal is one small way to bring happiness and balance. Here a little one from Secondhand Hounds comes for a visit!

We wrote about our wellness program back in February, you can read the blog here. And now to help bring more visibility to the employee wellness initiatives offered at Living Well Disability Services, we are excited to announce that we launched a new employee wellness brand called Living Well-Ness. By branding the initiative it will hopefully get staff more involved and open the door to embracing new ways of caring for our bodies and selves.

Intellectually we all know what to do to take care of ourselves. There are millions of resources and influencers out there telling us exactly how to fuel our bodies with good food, to move our bodies with various activities, and encouraging us to look at self-care as an important part of the equation.

PM Cindi, Peggy and James volunteering at Tapemark. Community and exercise are two great ways to incorporate wellness into our daily lives.

But with all that great information, we still live in a culture of chaos, with busyness being a way of life for most people. When we think about wellness, many of us first think of diet and exercise. Yet factors such as how you manage stress, your social connections, your career development, quality sleep, and managing your finances are just as impactful to your well-being. At Living Well Disability Services, we encourage thinking about your own well-being in this way. Our employee wellness program, Living Well-Ness, is here to support our staff and provide them with the tools and resources at whatever stage they are in their wellness journeys.

Staff, family and people served at Family Fun Day. Just 10 minutes of exercise makes an impact on our health, and dancing is exercise!

This is voluntary for staff, but we encourage everyone to participate in the various opportunities to positively impact their life work balance. And we invite the people they support to partake in the activities promoted. It doesn’t have to be complex. If we all make one or two positive changes in our routines, we will benefit from the effort. An example of an easy addition was our ‘Let’s Move’ challenge that just wrapped up. Participants were invited to track 10 minutes of exercise 10 times over the month for three months. Everyone who filled out the form was put into a drawing for gift cards.

Stacy even smiles in a plank!

We even have a few staff who are doing a push up and plank challenge on their own accord, in an effort to add a little muscle mass to their bodies and maybe just maybe get arms that look like Tina Turners did. None of this has to be complicated. Join us!

Happiness and healthy food, Lumona smiles while making dinner at Thompson.

With the new branding we invite you to join the fun for future challenges. Up next, we tackle happiness in November. Since we have materials from our partnership with HealthSource Solutions, we decided it was time to share the resources with our volunteers and supporters. Look below for the newsletters we sent out since March. They were initially designed for our staff but are filled with great information. Here is the September newsletter, with links to the others below. Moving forward we will post the monthly newsletter and challenges on the News section of our website for everyone to enjoy.

We are grateful that wellness is now part of a larger global conversation on living well, and proud to be working towards supporting a workforce that is self-aware and committed to caring for themselves as well as they care for others. Join us!



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