We love sharing stories about the people we support and the families who trust us with their loved ones. We adore sharing information about the amazing activities and adventures that have a direct impact on the quality of life for the people who call Living Well home. And we will never stop telling the world about our staff, the amazing people who show up every day and make a career out of caring by providing exceptional services and opportunities for people and families living with disabilities.

Today we have another story to share.

Breaking ground at the original Marie Avenue location back in 1972.

Since we opened our doors back in 1972, we have helped hundreds, maybe thousands, of people live their best lives. And a big part of that is providing exceptional care within our group homes. We started with one 45 bed home and over five decades have grown our community footprint with one goal in mind—to provide the very best care for people under comfortable roofs and blankets of support.

Living Well Disability services currently has 11 openings at our homes. We invite you to tell your friends, family, and networks about Living Well and our commitment to disability awareness and the importance of providing care beyond the basics.

At Living Well, we believe in providing exceptional care. Which is why we make sure our homes are comfortable and accessible for people living with various levels of disability. Living Well has always been known as the place for people to turn when other places turn them away. Compared to our peers, we serve a segment of the disability community that has the highest medical needs and are least able to live independently. We believe they deserve the highest quality of care. And we know you agree. With highly sophisticated care plans and highly trained staff we proudly support people 24/7, and meet their needs as individuals, not as a group.

France crew at a game.

The following houses have spaces and would love to meet people looking for a forever home. France, in Robbinsdale, has two openings and has a great staff, with a fun vibe. Program Manager, Brenda Carrillo, says, “At France we are very family oriented, so we have a lot of sit-down dinners, and go out as a little family. The people and the staff like spending time together. We are very close knit.” Brenda adds that two of the people who live there have been at the home since 1990, so they have grown with Living Well over time. They are not afraid of adventure, either. James and Nate went with staff Mike and Daniel to the Winter Trip at Camp Menogyn near Grand Maria in early January, read blog here.

Tiffany having the time of her life at Camp Menogyn.

Lyndale, in Brooklyn Center, has two openings and is right on the river, making the view almost as amazing as the people who live there. Tiffany and Caroline were at the recent Camp Menogyn Trip and had a blast with James and Nate from France.

Orono Woodlands is located in the West Metro and has a much-loved Program Manager, who has been at the home for 22 years and treats everyone like family. Edgewood, in Brooklyn Park, has one opening with a tenured staff and a new Program Manager. The team is committed to taking care of the people who live there, many who are now closer to retirement age. They have a lot of fun, a laid-back vibe, and love to go out as a group.

Brookview, in Maplewood, has an energetic and dedicated Program Manager, and is a six-bed house with people of various ages and needs and is fully wheelchair accessible. Teyana was recently DSP of the week; you can read about her here.

Some amazing staff at Powell.

Powell is up in Big Lake and has several staff with decades of experience, including Program Manager, Julie, who has been there 35 years. Here is the blog about the house from last December. Douglas is up in Buffalo, and that crew has lots of fun. Program Manager, Kristina, has been integral the past few years in keeping Douglas thriving. Her reliant consistency has really made an impact.

Inndale, in Lakeville, has incredible support from staff as well as family. See the blog about some of the house’s biggest fans, here. And Star Lane, in South St. Paul, has a dynamic duo with a Program Manager who mentored her Assistant Program Manager and together created a wonderful working environment. They recently moved locations, but you can read about the crew here. APM Brace was the inaugural DSP of the Week a year ago.

Kevin and Connor, dad works for Living Well, son lives at a Living Well home.

We think all of our staff and people served are pretty amazing and would make a great fit for many people searching for the right home. But don’t take it from us. Kevin Sullivan, our most recent DSP of the week also has a son with disabilities and had this to say when asked how he feels about his son living at a Living Well home, “It means everything to us. Because at the end of the day, the challenge is very hard on the caregivers. My wife and I look at each other and say it is all about him. We are his parents, and we accepted the challenge long ago. Connor is happy and thriving. And I like to believe that there are people in his corner looking out for him every day. Supporting him in different ways, keeping him emotionally safe and protected physically.” He and his wife Deborah raised Connor together, and now that they are semi-retired, they feel at ease knowing Connor is safe and cared for.

We cannot wait to show these openings and homes to families looking for a better fit, or just starting the group home search process. Please share with your network and invite them to contact us for more information. Here is a link to residential openings. We also have spots in Customized Services, where people can get support in their own homes, you can find info about that here.

We look forward to welcoming more incredible people to the Living Well family.


Interested in information on homes and openings? Email Rod at rod.carlson@livingwell.org.

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