We’re hiring!

Living Well Disability Services invites you to join our team of 500 amazing employees. Spend your days providing care to people who need extra help to get through the day and do so while in a beautiful home with personalized touches, opportunities to build solid and meaningful relationships, and access to mentors who have been in the field for decades. We are currently looking for Direct Support Professionals at several homes in the Metro and look forward to introducing even more people to experience the kind of career that brings smiles and boosts confidence for both employee and the people being served. Many of our employees are attracted to the work we do because they know at heart they are caregivers, and they are looking for a place to make a difference while earning a paycheck. When you work with us you get to be a part of something special. With 37 locations and over 700 volunteers to help with activities and daily projects, you will be supported in unique ways and feel good knowing your work truly matters.

Join the team and apply today!