Our DSP this week is Allica. She works at our 3801 apartments and has been with Living Well for eight months. She treats everyone like family, and is a handworker whose positive energy brings a lot of joy to the house.

Having FUN with Patsy

Allica is always up for an adventure and enjoys coming to work. Parties, holidays, and even a trip to the State Fair—in her time with Living Well she has made the most of every day. She has great relationships with the people who live at 3801 and has a passion for helping them live their best lives. Allica makes the people she supports a priority every day and makes sure to leave room for a lot of fun while at work.

Crushing the party in her Ugly Sweater

Cindi Sharp, Program Manager, says, “Allica has been amazing! She picks up a lot of hours to help out when we are in need. She has a lot of energy and works hard to get the job done. She does not complain, and always comes to work with a smile on her face.” She adds, “Allica takes her responsibilities seriously. Even the task of finding an award-winning sweater for our Ugly Christmas sweater contest this year!” As you can see in the photo, she came correct to the party—with the perfect sweater.

Out with AJ

Allica, we are so grateful you found us and that you choose to make a career out of caring. The people at 3801 are lucky to have your energy and kindness at the house. It is obvious you enjoy yor job, and this is incredible! We appreciate your obvious passion for caring for others, and are so glad you joined the team.



Number of years/months with Living Well: 8 months

Hobbies/Interests: I love caring for people and spending time with my family

Education: I graduated from St. Paul’s School of Nursing where I obtained my associate degree. Currently, I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree in social work at Grand Canyon University.

Job Experience: Prior to my current position, I was employed at Northwell Cardiologist Partner and Internal Medicine, Kamim Covid Testing Center, and Chai Urgent Care. Working at these establishments provided me with a diverse range of knowledge and skills. I acquired experience in tasks such as taking vital signs, conducting EKG and INR tests, calling labs, preparing examination rooms, and triaging patients. Additionally, I updated patient medical records using ECW, ensured patient confidentiality, performed pregnancy and glucose tests, conducted Covid swabs (PCR and rapid testing), as well as Strep, Influenza, and RSV tests. Furthermore, I engaged in scribing for doctors through the ECW system, executed blood draws using butterfly and straight needles, conducted lab call-backs, and much more. My tenure at Living Well enhanced my abilities to communicate effectively and provide quality care, while also expanding my critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Favorite part of the job: An aspect of my job that I particularly cherish is the responsibility of tending to the individuals under my care and gaining insights into their lives. Another aspect that I deeply appreciate is the warm reception one receives upon entering the premises, signifying the genuine hospitality of those being served. Engaging in communication, playing games, and partaking in diverse conversations with the individuals I serve brings about a sense of fulfillment that is truly exceptional.

Favorite or craziest work story: An extraordinary moment during my work tenure occurred when I escorted the people I serve to the State Fair in August last year. It was a thrilling experience as I was unfamiliar with Minnesota, having recently relocated. The bus ride to the fair was enjoyable as I engaged in laughter and conversation with the people I was serving. The fair was bustling with numerous attractions and culinary delights. The enthusiasm of the individuals I have the privilege of assisting brings great joy to my heart.

What is your motivation for coming to work: My motivation for coming to work lies in the individuals I support. I consistently anticipate the activity and experience a sense of satisfaction upon receiving warm greetings upon entering the premises.

What made you apply: I applied for the job because I have a passion for caring for people, and I recently relocated to Minnesota. Additionally, I was recommended for this position by a current employee, who spoke highly of the company as a great place to begin and advance in my career.

What makes you stay: The working environment at Living well is a significant factor that contributes to my decision to stay. It is characterized by a warm atmosphere, with everyone demonstrating strong teamwork skills that facilitate smoother shifts. The environment has a family-oriented feel, where individuals look out for one another and show care for those they serve. Additionally, the presence of excellent program managers who are always available to address any issues adds to the positive aspects of working here. The program managers are particularly helpful in providing support for areas that are unclear or challenging to understand.

What would you tell- people interested in joining the team: I would highlight that it is an exceptional establishment for enhancing one’s knowledge, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving skills, while also delivering care to people. The individuals who are served, as well as those who are part of the workforce, are truly remarkable.

When not at work what do you like to do for fun: During my off hours, I primarily engage in cleaning, resting, and bonding with my family. Occasionally, I also make time to visit another friend.

Do you volunteer in your community or school: I used to volunteer with a couple near my community, which ultimately helped me secure a job with the same family.



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