Our DSP this week is Camille. She has been with Living Well for just over four years and she is an incredible asset to the Living Well team. She is a busy working mom with a family at home and a busy schedule—yet she makes taking care of others a priority in her life. She is also a HUGE football fan who loves the Kansas City Chiefs, lucky for her fall is here and football has begun.

We are so excited to honor Camille during DSP week!

Program Manager Jamie Randall thinks the way Camille interacts with individuals is what makes her special. There is a caring way that she says stuff, and she has a natural gentleness to her. Jamie says, “She is a natural caregiver, I think her communication skills with the people she supports are wonderful. They feel heard and taken care of when with her.” Adding, “She does a great job of making sure that things are celebrated, like birthdays, holidays, and milestones. She just helped put together a little BBQ for Ethan’s birthday so the house could celebrate him properly.”

The little things make a big difference and Camille is open to doing the big, the little and the in-between. Just yesterday she took Becky to a Twins game, and they had a blast.

Direct Support Professionals are the backbone of our mission—without them celebrations and Twins games might not be a part of their days. With extra effort, a little patience and understanding, and a whole lotta love, the people supported by Living Well truly live rich and full lives. And people like Camille make that possible!

Thank you to everyone who chooses to make a career out of caring. Congrats, Camille, we appreciate you! Thank you for choosing a career where you get to shine by helping others and where your kindness is abundantly obvious to all who meet you.






Number of years/months with Living Well: 4 years 2 months

Hobbies/Interests: I love traveling with family, going to sports games, especially football. I’m a big Kansas City Chiefs Fan!

Education: Graduated from High School 1999 and went on to continue my education earning a CNA, CMA 2005 with Bethal House Institute in Wichita, Kansas.

Job Experience/History: Got my first nursing assignment with AMG Specialty Hospital working there for more than five years before the company shut down. At that time I started working another CMA assignment with Living Angels of Kansas City, Missouri, from 2010 until 2016. Absolutely loved this job.

Favorite or craziest work story: OMG, there are so many, just know it’s never a dull moment at Living Well 32nd.

What is your motivation for coming to work: My motivation for coming to work is simple, to provide great services and support to those in need and to do it with compassion in my heart as this was my childhood dream.

What made you apply: Honestly this field is underrated, and we need more caring, loving people to care for the elderly or disabled when family cannot. I get to be a shield of protection that gives families relief and lets them know that thier loved one is in good hands.

What makes you stay: This company keeps me educated on new things, and I love how they take good care of their staff, whether gift cards or simply a thank you card. Let’s not forget the recent bonus.

What would you tell people interested in joining the team: For those who are looking to apply, come one come all. This is one of the best and most stable companies I have ever worked for, flexible and just great all around.

When not at work what do you like to do for fun: When I’m not at work I’m simply traveling what they call BAECATIONS.

Maybe one day they play for the Chiefs?!

Do you volunteer in your community or school: When I am not working, I’m a football mom, cheering my boys, 16 and 10, on as they play the sport they love, which is a joy. Surely, I’m going to get that big house on the hill, fingers crossed, because I see them going pro, mark my words.





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