Our DSP this week is Denise, and she has been with Living Well for almost 32 years. Denise has worked in many positions over the years, and now works overnights and fills in for occasional weekends and vacations. She works at our 3807 apartments, but you can often find her hanging out with the crews from 3801 and France Avenue as well. Denise is comfortable taking folks on vacation, firing up the BBQ for a picnic, or just plain having fun. She is an integral part of the team, and we are happy she has been doing such amazing work for over three decades.

Teewon Dolopei, Program Manager, says, “Denise is the second longest serving Direct Support Professional at 3807. Her commitment and dedication to supporting the people at 3807 speaks volumes about her longevity and is worthy of recognition. She supports the people served on vacations, road trips, and to variety of community activities. She is almost always available when needed to fill open shifts at 3807 and other houses. We are grateful for her continued support to the people served at 3807.” Heidi Casey, coworker and APM at 3801, says, “Denise is a fierce advocate. She is a dedicated, dependable, long-term staff with deep, meaningful relationships with folks.” 

Denise and a few others from 3801 and 3807 were just interviewed for the Robbinsdale Sun Current about their work as DSPs and longevity with Living Well. We are delighted to have her on the team and are grateful for the coverage of our long-term staff. We will share the article once published.

Denise, thank you for making a commitment to caring for over 30 years. We appreciate you.




Number of years/months with Living Well:  31 years 10 months

Hobbies/Interests: Art, my dog, my kids, and bingo.

Job Experience/History:  Started working in the field in 1988 with a different company, started here August 1, 1992. In 2001, I left the APM position and went to work at the University of Minnesota in a completely different career path. I continued to work at Living Well in occasional, part-time and full-time positions over the years. Currently I work full overnights at 3807. I also work as a payroll accountant for a large mechanical construction company.

Favorite part of the job: The relationships I have formed with people over the years.

Favorite or craziest work story: I have 30 years’ worth of great stories. My favorite is when I went to Branson, Missouri, with someone served from 3807, for vacation.

What is your motivation for coming to work: I have made lifelong friendships with staff I have worked with. And I have formed lifelong relationships with the people served AND their families.

What made you apply: I had friends that I worked with at a different company who started working with this company.  I followed them here.

What makes you stay: The relationships.

What would you tell people interested in joining the team: You won’t get rich, but you will get fulfilled. A different kind of rich, a better kind of rich.

When not at work what do you like to do for fun: I like to host parties with friends, play bingo, and spend time with my adult children.

Do you volunteer in your community or school: Not anymore now that my kids are adults. I used to spend a lot of time volunteering with their schools.





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