Steven and Hammed

Our DSP Shoutout for this week is Hammed. He works at our Highview home and has been with Living Well for over 22 years. Yep, over two decades of helping support the people we serve! He enjoys the variety of duties in his role as a caregiver and adores the people he works with and their families.

Jenny Ackerley, Program Manager at the house, has this to say, “Hammed has an incredible attachment and dedication to the guys at Highview. He is a force and a leader, but most importantly he understands people and meets them where they are at with compassion.” Adding with appreciation, “Highview withstands many storms because of him, and I am grateful to work alongside him.”

Hammed, Eric and Jeffrey

Mark and Jane Graybill are the parents of Eric, who has been at Highview since 2020. They agree with Jenny and say, “We have had the fortunate blessings of having Hammed involved in our son’s life at the Living Well home in Eagan. Hammed has made and continues to make Eric’s living arrangements and overall experience very positive.” They tell us that Eric has connected with Hammed, and that they do activities outside the house and have a true friendship. Mark says, “I must also add that Hammed has a very good staff at the Highview House and he has fostered a very positive environment and culture for all the clients including Eric.” Both of Eric’s parents feel extremely grateful for Hammed and the Living Well organization, and the care they have provided their son.

Just a few years ago…

We cannot love our staff more! And knowing that the families who trust their loved ones to us appreciate the amazing staff and culture that has been built makes the work we do feel even more special. Congrats, Hammed! Keep up the amazing work.






Name: Hammed

Number of years/months with Living Well: 22 years and 4 months.

Hobbies/Interests: Any sport activities, especially soccer, and cars. I love all cars and fixing them, too.

Education: Business administration Degree, Nigeria.

Job Experience/History: A lot. For Living Well, I enjoy my APM roll which can range from payroll to scheduling appointments—I kind of do it all. Back in Nigeria I helped take of the family business, a large store.

Favorite part of the job: Outside leisure activities with people served and solutions at the Highview home. My business background helps with staffing, conflict resolution, family communication, and pretty much anything that comes up, and I enjoy all aspects of the job.

Favorite work story: Vacation with the people served. I have had long weekends in Wisconsin Dells, Duluth, and Brainerd, to name a few.

What is your motivation for coming to work? The people served and my supervisor for more than 18 years, who hired me.

What made you apply: I needed to do something at that time and was referred to Living Well by family friends who worked here.

What made you stay: Diversity and opportunities to grow at Dakota communities, now LWDS. I have worked at a few other group homes and think Living Well is quite different form the others. There is no comparison, which is why I stayed here. The organization is just better, and I tell people this all the time.

What would you tell people interested in joining the team: Look at me, am still working with LWDS after more than 22 years.

When not at work what do you like to do for fun: Doing something with my kids, ages 22, 13 and 10. My daughter especially likes to get out and do stuff when I am home.

Do you volunteer in your community or school: No, but when the time comes I would like to.

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