Ibrahim, second from left, having fun with the crew at Cope during their State Fair at Home party.

Our DSP Shoutout for this week is Ibrahim, who has been with Living Well for over six years. He started after being referred to the company by a friend in 2016, and after six months on the job he knew this was the place for him. While primarily at Cope, he will often pick up shifts for other homes and is always willing to pitch in and help.

Ibrahim has been a CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) for almost 17 years, and a caregiver even longer. He is dedicated to the people he supports and considers everyone family. He is also very funny and loves to make work FUN. Last September, when Cope hosted a State Fair at Home party after having to miss the actual State Fair in St. Paul, he went all in on party prep and made it a great time for the people who live there as well as their families and guardians. He has the kind of personality we all wish we could possess, as he makes life better for those who know him.

Having a chocolate chip cookie at Cope during the “Fair”

Float Program Manager, Cynthia Hinojosa, who spent several weeks at Cope, has this to say about Ibrahim, “He goes all out for our people. He’s driven by love not money. And he’s a great team player.” She adds, “Cope, both the people served and coworkers, are considered his family. He’s said it and shows it with his actions.”

During Covid he took on lots of extra hours and helped other houses when understaffed or dealing with illness. It takes people like Ibrahim to keep the wheels moving forward, and we are grateful for him every day. We agree with Cynthia, Ibrahim goes all out and fully shows up for everyone at Living Well.

Congratulations, Ibrahim, we appreciate you!






Number of years/months with Living Well: 6 years 4 months

Hobbies/Interests: I like playing basketball and football. And I enjoy being in nature, walking and jogging. I usually go to Como Park to enjoy the area.

Education: I spent one and a half years in college at St. Paul Tech but had to leave for financial reasons. Will go back eventually.

Job Experience/History: I have been a CNA for over 15 years now. Used to work in a nursing home and applied to Living Well back in 2016. Was a caregiver before that.

Favorite part of the job: Interacting with the clients and making them feel comfortable. Treating them like the way you treat your own family feels nice.

Favorite work story: One of my clients Kay, like to play tricks on people. There was a day I was in the office passing meds and she says, “Steel,” she calls me Steel instead of Ibrahim, and asked me if I wanted help washing the dishes. So, she did. Then almost immediately she asked if I  wanted to go to Wall mart. She tricked me to go to Walmart, it was really funny. But she did do the dishes!

What is your motivation for coming to work: My motivation is everybody in the house. I get excited to see coworkers and clients. Just to go in and be around everybody and work. To have fun at the same time while you are doing it is great.

What made you apply: I had a friend who used to work here and he told me to apply. At the time it was close to my house, too. My friend referred me and after 2-3 months, I told myself this is the right place. I don’t see myself working anyplace else!

What made you stay: The people. From the staff at Cope to supervisors, everyone is there working crazy hours, and the way they appreciate me for helping feels nice. I never say no to helping other homes. I am appreciated and it makes me happy. During Covid I was going in and working a lot, and they were very supportive. From corporate office to supervisors, everyone is great.

What would you tell people interested in joining the team: First thing is how friendly everybody is. And the way they welcome you and make you feel at home. Everyone is very reasonable and willing to work with you on schedules, family issues and needs. You can be comfortable in the environment.

When not at work what do you like to do for fun: At home, I am often bored. So mostly I call my son who is almost 18, and if he is available I will see if he has time to hang out. Most of the time he is too busy with friends, so I will go out and explore. Watch a movie. Go to the park. Reminisce and think about life. Or, just grab a shift at Living Well.

Do you volunteer in your community or school: Not at the time.



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