Our DSP Shoutout for this week is Mayah. With Living Well over 8 years now, when she joined our team she immediately appreciated the management and flexibility. She is a dedicated and enthusiastic employee, always ready to do what is right for the people she supports. With so much time on the job she has made many beautiful friendships with staff and people served and considers those relationships her favorite part of the job.

Program Manager, Teewon Dolopei, says, “Mayah is passionate about her job, and deeply committed to the people we serve. She has been primarily at 3807 but helps out at other houses when needed.” Mayah shows up for others and is a wonderful part of the team. Over the years, she has developed meaningful and connected relationships with the individuals that she supports. Often times, she is directly sought out by individuals who enjoy working with her. According to Teewon, “She demonstrates passion and dedication to make sure that the needs of the individuals are met.”

Mayah is always on the lookout for new activities and makes it a point to get people as engaged with their community as often as possible. She can often be found helping plan vacations for individuals as well as finding new and fun activities to participate in around the community. She takes her knowledge and experience and creates meaningful and engaging activities for each individual. When Covid took away options and outings, she started taking the house to the park for picnics, and to this day they enjoy outings to the park to enjoy lunch. They like making food together and getting into community.

Another thing that makes Maya special is that over time she and her family have all created wonderful relationships with the people she supports. Bob has met her children at Family Fun Day, and asks about them often. And Mayah and her husband will take Bob out to dinner, creating a meaningful friendship outside of work.

Not only does Mayah work brilliantly with the individuals she supports, but she is also a solid staff member and very good at making sure her day-to-day tasks are completed. She is a reliable, hard-working, and dedicated employee that can be counted on. Mayah takes the initiative when she sees something that needs improvement, she is always a strong advocate, andshe is respected by her colleagues.

We are so grateful for Mayah, and all of our Direct Support Professionals. Congrats, Mayah—we appreciate you!



Number of years/months with Living Well: 8yrs & 8mons

Hobbies/Interests: Bonding with my kids, shopping, movies, traveling, learning new things, exploring new ideas, sports(basketball and soccer), etc.

Education: Medical Assistant, Medical Administrative Assistant and Case Management.

Job Experience/History: First job was at McDonald’s when I was in high school, then began my journey in healthcare since then after graduating.

Favorite part of the job: Some of the great relationships I have developed with my colleagues and people served.

Favorite work story: The teamwork, laughter, hugs, companionship, accomplishment of goals/task with a person served, the motivation/inspiration I get from some of my colleagues and person served are just few of my favorites.

What is your motivation for coming to work: To learn and knowing that every day is a challenge but it’s a blessing to help others in need.

What made you stay: The management and flexibility.

What would you tell people interested in joining the team: Demanding but rewarding, be open to learn new skills even if it’s not your task, leave your personal problems at home/door it will make the environment a positive workplace for you and people around you, especially those you serve.

When not at work what do you like to do for fun: Spending time with my kids and close-knit friends or family.

Do you volunteer in your community or school: I want to but haven’t had the opportunity or time cooperate with my busy schedule.



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