Our DSP this week is Rose. She has been with Living Well only eight months but has found a job she loves and a place where she feels supported. Rose is compassionate by nature and has an inherent ability to mother the Thompson house, including other staff. When someone needs her, she is magically there. And even when they do not know they need a little help, Rose shows up with a smile. Being of service is simply part of who she is.

Dinner with Paul before he passed. He had a short two months with Living Well, but each day was a gift.

The best part of celebrating our Direct Support Professionals is sharing what makes them special. This job requires skills that are often hard to teach—kindness, compassion, and empathy. And it also requires the heart and willingness to be of extra support during tough times. Recently the house experienced a loss with the passing of a person new to Living Well. The team worked beautifully together to care for him and provide love up until his last day. And they also supported each other. Not many jobs require this level of commitment to kindness, but when you care for people 24/7, love rises to the top and becomes the most important job requirement. Rose was right there, in a job less than a year, and being fully present for the experience.

Cynthia Hinojosa, Program Manager says, “I am so proud and lucky to have the team that I do. Yes, they are fairly new to the field. All of them. But they are SO dedicated, and you can tell they love what they do.” Adding, “Rose is a mom, so she really does take care of all of us. There have been times I have been working late and without saying anything she’ll bring me a plate of fruit or food to make sure I eat something as I am someone that gets in the zone and skips multiple meals. She is pure love and makes everyone feel safe and loved.”

Peggy, who lives at the house, says, “Rose is a sweetheart. She helps me out a lot and I call her my mom. She makes sure she takes care of me.” And David says, “I love her because she gives me ice cream.”

We hear you, David! This week we all could use some ice cream.

We are so lucky Rose found us, for her kindness shines from the inside. She is a pure joy and the crew at Thompson clearly agrees. Congrats, Rose! We appreciate you.




Number of years/months with Living Well:  7 months

Hobbies/Interests: I love farming and working in the garden.

Job Experience/History: When I lived in Africa, I owned a small business.

Favorite part of the job:  I LOVE the people.

Favorite or craziest work story:  I enjoy watching Breyden’s mischievous behavior around the house especially when he shows his funny side with roommates.

What is your motivation for coming to work: It is meaningful work. I get to help people as a way to earn my living, and that feels good. I enjoy working at Thompson because it feels like we are all in it together and like we are a family.

What made you apply: I have a friend that works for Living Well at Maryland. She told me to apply to Living Well. She had been to the Thompson home before and said this would be a good place for me…and she was right!

What made you stay: I enjoy the people I work with and for.

What would you tell people interested in joining the team: I talk about my work a lot and encourage my friends to come and apply and work here. I love the people, work with a good team, and receive support from my manager. I love Living Well so much.


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