Our DSP this week is Sarah. She is a CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant), who started in the health care field back in 2016 and worked her way up over time. She works at our Mears house, and even though she hasn’t been here quite a year yet, she is an integral part of the team.

Program Manager, Carrie Jensen, says, “Sarah has gone above and beyond from day one. She is very person centered. Always on walks and outside doing things with people.” For Halloween Sarah decorated the house way beyond what was expected, as she naturally does things others just don’t think to do. Sarah spends a little extra time making people feel special—often doing people’s nails and helping with their hair every day.

Carrie adds, “Sarah is beautifully loud and outspoken, always advocating for the people she supports. She has great relationships with the people at Mears, and will do anything to make them laugh.” Sarah will sit with Diane on the swing outside and they are always going around and out and about. A perfect day for Diane is when she gets Sarah all to herself.

Sarah is a devoted single mother who cares deeply for her children and the people she supports at work. She values the connections she makes at the house and is an incredible role model for her sons.

Congrats, Sarah, we love all you do for Living Well and are grateful you joined the field and made a career out of caring. Thank you for being so authentic and caring. We appreciate you!





Number of years/months with Living Well: 7 months

Hobbies/interests: I like spending time with my kids, shopping, and decorating.

Education: I’m a certified nursing assistant. I plan on attending college to further my career and obtain a degree in nursing.

Job experience: I began working in healthcare in 2016. I started from the bottom and worked my way up, truly. I was a housekeeper for four years. I cleaned residents’ rooms and common areas at a nursing facility. After that I was a supply coordinator. From there I took a position helping in recreation therapy, which was really fun. Then from there I went to school to become a certified nursing assistant. Once that was complete, I took a position caring for residents. Caring for people is what I’m destined to do.

Favorite part of the job: Caring for those who need it. Being able to bring a smile to their faces and brighten up their days.

Favorite/crazy work story: Each shift I work at Mears I try to make our people laugh. I will purposely try to hit my leg or foot off something and act like it hurts just so Diane can get her laughs in. Diane thinks it’s really funny when people bump into stuff, and I’m all for making her laugh and smile, so I do this daily.

Motivation for coming to work: I’m a single mom. I’m raising two wonderful boys on my own. They’re my biggest motivation for going to work as I want to be able to provide them with what they need and want. Another motivation is the people I serve. Everyone at my house has become my family. I know they look forward to seeing me.

What made me apply: A family member referred me. I’m so glad she did.

What makes me stay: The bond I’ve created with the people that live at Mears is a big reason. I’ve only been at Living Well a short period of time but we all have such a strong bond. Also, the appreciation Living Well shows, it really means a lot.

What would I tell people who are interested in applying: I would tell them that Living Well is a great company to work for. How we have so much fun even while working. That Living Well’s main office never fails at showing staff appreciation.

Do you volunteer in your community or school: Unfortunately, I don’t. I work a lot and when I’m not working, I’m spending much needed quality time with my kids.




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