Our DSP this week is Tiffany. Come January she will be with Living Well for 22 years, and over time has worked various shifts to meet her family’s ever-changing needs. Like many staff, she was able to avoid putting her kids in childcare by juggling her schedule, providing her the opportunity to work in a few homes and nurture incredible relationships at each one. Unlike most staff, she was literally born into the field—as her parents owned group homes! For the first eight years of her life Tiffany lived in one of the homes her parents owned.

While she has worked at five homes over two decades, she has been back at Star Lane for the past year. Tiffany rises to the top because she has the kind of personality that gets along with everyone, is really good at staying on top of things, is skilled at balancing what is good for the house and good for the people, and overall is they type of person who gets stuff done.

Mary White, Program Manager, says, “Tiffany has been with the company for many years, and over that time she has gotten to know a lot of people, and has become a large part of the Living Well Family.” Adding, “Tiffany is a great person to work with. She is knowledgeable, remains calm in situations and is very dependable. She is a wonderful advocate to have on your side.”

Brace Gotschalk, Assistant Program Manager, says, “Tiffany is incredibly competent and highly knowledgeable about the direct care field and about Living Well. She has been invaluable in providing the Star Lane residents with excellent care and consistent routines. She handles emergency situations calmly and with poise, communicates well with other staff members and with housemates, and always puts the needs and preferences of housemates first. Star Lane has benefitted immensely from her presence.”

Steve Polski, whose brother Mike has been with Living Well for 50 years, says, “I love Tiffany! She always greets me with a smile and a positive spirit whenever I visit the house.” As you can see, her positivity and work ethic are obvious to all who interact with her.

Thank you to everyone who chooses to make a career out of caring. Congrats, Tiffany, we truly could not meet our mission without you! Thank you for all your work and incredible two decades of service.





Number of years/months with Living Well: 21 years 8 months

Hobbies/Interests: I like swimming, kayaking, camping, listening to live music, and trying new recipes.

Job Experience/History: My parents owned group homes, so I was quite literally born into the field, living as a family at one of their homes until we moved out when I was eight. I moved to Minnesota for college but decided to change paths and took a job at Living Well while I figured it out. The rest is history.

With Living Well I started at Diane Road for six months and was then promoted to evening Senior Advocate/APM at West Emerson for seven years. Then I was morning SA/APM at Thompson for two years. I worked part time on the weekends at Upper 55th for 11 years while my kids were young to avoid putting them in daycare, adding some 1:1 hours during the day so I was full time once they were in school. I’ve been back at West Emerson/Star Lane for one year now.

Favorite part of the job: Being with people every day.

Favorite or craziest work story: How do you pick 1 from 21 years? I love our partnership with the Arboretum and all the trips out there to make food and spending time at Jeanne Larson’s farm.

What is your motivation for coming to work: Knowing that I’m needed.

What made you apply: I knew I would get hired and needed a job.

What makes you stay: Schedule flexibility as my personal life has changed over the years. I’ve worked 2-10’s, 6-2’s, part time weekends, all sorts of shifts and schedules, and now a more midday shift that allows me to get my teenagers going in the morning and be home for their evening activities too. I’m also hoping to someday use all my PTO.

What would you tell people interested in joining the team: Try it, you might like it.

When not at work what do you like to do for fun: Spend time with my kids and friends.


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