Our DSP Shoutout for this week is Uriah. He is a wonderful advocate to the individuals at Orono Woodlands, who is dedicated to the care of others and is an all-around great employee to have on the team.

Uriah has been with Living Well for almost three years and in addition to his work, he is in college hoping to remain in healthcare. He shows up each and every day with commitment and dedication to the role, and often goes above and beyond. When asked what his most interesting work story is, he said being present for the passing of someone who lived at the home was a beautiful and sad experience. It was his first time ever to stand with a sick person until they took in their last breath, and he felt great honor to be of service to them right up until the end.

Program Manager, April Stevens, says, “Uriah is very dedicated and hard working. He has a big heart and is always willing to give a helping hand.” Adding, “Uriah’s desire and willingness fuels our mutual efforts and assists in our success. His hard work and daily dedication are valued beyond words.” Adrienne DeRuyck, Regional Director adds, “April puts a lot of trust in Uriah because he is so dedicated and is happy to put in extra hours.”

At Living Well our employees have the opportunity to take the people they support to sporting events, concerts and vacations, which allows them to have fun at work. But they also go to doctor appointments, attend family events, visit people in the hospital, and occasionally participate in hospice care. The skills needed for their job are extensive and range from meal prep to med passing. But the soft skills, or emotional intelligence, needed to make a good DSP a great DSP, are often untrainable.

Caregivers are usually born with the personality to do the emotional work, and we are so lucky to have staff like Uriah on our team. It is clear it takes a soft and kind personality to do the heavy lifting to care for people with disabilities with the compassion and respect they deserve. We are beyond grateful to have Uriah on the team. Thank you, Uriah!





Name: Uriah

Number of years / months with Living Well: 2 years 7mouths

Hobbies/interests: Cleaning and talking with the people we serve when giving cares.

Education: Student at North Hennepin Community College

Job Experience/History: DSP Living Well Disabilities Services

Favorite part of the job: Getting on the job in time and providing cares for the people we serve. Further, providing them what they request.

My motivation for coming in work: Working with the people we serve that look like me, but don’t have the ability to do everything on their own and depend on my assistance. It creates some feelings of family connection.

What made you apply: I applied for the love of the job. And to also get more experience because I’m doing this in school and want to make it my occupation.

What made you stay: I stayed because I love the job, and love working with the people we serve.

What would you tell people interested in joining the team: I would tell them that the job is good, it teaches you many things. Learning how to understand nonverbal communication helps you to have self-control and awareness when dealing with people.

Do you volunteer in your community/school: Not yet, but if the need rises, I will be happily willing to do so.


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