Our DSP this week, the final week of 2023, is Veronica. She has been with Living Well for over 10 years now, and like last week’s DSP, she works overnight shifts.

Veronia works at our Inndale home, and has built relationships with everyone at the house. She is gentle and good natured, and people appreciate her. When she takes a day off, her presence is missed, and people ask when she will be back.

As a pro with extensive experience at the house she does not need a lot of coaching or redirection. Every couple of hours she checks the beds to make sure everyone is comfortable and resting well. In between checks she will sweep and mop and get the house spotless for the morning crew. When the next shift comes to work everything is restocked, and rooms are swept and polished. She will even sweep the carpet if needed as the vacuum is a no-no at night. For the morning crew It is nice to come into a clean home every morning because the house the ready for the day.

Program Manager, Mary Larson, says, “Veronica is caring, efficient and dependable. The consistency and dedication she provides to the people at Inndale is amazing! She is well aware of people’s preferences and assures they are comfortably positioned to their liking for a peaceful night’s sleep.” Mary continues, “She is self driven and when she sees what needs to be done, she does it. The house is always spotless, and supplies are stocked. And she is willing to help with covering open shifts and or time off request of her co-workers.”

Because night crews are kind of a one man show, they need to know how to react, and manage the home. They are the one awake staff, and need to be ready for whatever happens. Veronica is an incredible asset because she is always on top of her work and ready to help the people who call Inndale home.

Veronica, we are so grateful for all you do to support the house, and the kind way you care for others. Thank you for making a career out of caring. We appreciate you.



Number of years/months with Living Well:  10 years 6 months

Hobbies/Interests: I like going for walks, reading, and traveling.

Education: High School graduate.

Job Experience/History: I have been doing this job for about 25 years.

Favorite part of the job: To be able to help another human being have a normal life as much as possible.

What is your motivation for coming to work: Knowing that someone is expecting me to be there for them.

What made you apply: I needed a job, but also to keep myself busy doing something that I enjoy doing, help others.

What makes you stay: It is close to home plus I like what I do.

What would you tell people interested in joining the team: That you really have to be ready to do this kind of job, it takes a special person and a unique one to makes someone else’s life special and unique. Someone once said to the world you may me one person, but to one person you may be the world.

When not at work what do you like to do for fun: I like to spend time with my grandson and daughter.








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