At Living Well Disability Services we have 36 homes, support 300 people with disabilities, and have close to 500 employees and 1000 volunteers. We are grateful to be a part of many robust and thriving communities and love it when neighbors and businesses see the value of our work by contributing time and resources to sharing our mission with others.

At the end of 2023, Marty Donat, Grand Opening Manager, Mammoth Holdings, LLC, reached out when he was looking for a donation partner for the January Grand Opening of their Silverstar Car Wash in Inver Grove Heights. During every grand opening they pick a local nonprofit and put up a free will donation at the carwashes, then do a 50/50 match. Since Mammoth Holdings, LLC, started in 2012 they have given over $50K in donations to communities in five states. And, luckily for us, we were the chosen nonprofit this time!

The magic of what we do becomes even more obvious when companies like Sliverstar Car Wash choose to share our mission with new audiences. Last Friday, we were on site at their newest location for a check presentation and were gifted $1000.

Marty Donat, Grand Opening Manager, Mammoth Holdings, LLC

Marty has a soft spot for organizations like ours and understands the importance of Living Well services because his brother has a disability. He understands the lack of funding that goes into disability services and knows that sometimes people need help and resources to thrive. Marty says, “The goal behind our Grand Openings is to inject ourselves into the community not just as a business but as a contributor to the community. We want to be able to bring awareness to the organizations in the neighborhoods we are part of and hope to create long term relationships with the nonprofits we select.”

Jamee Yung, Individual Gift Manager, was there and said, “No matter what size donation you give, it shows that you support our mission, and the hard work our staff do to provide exceptional care to people with disabilities. This is important because it helps to raise awareness and that recruits more supporters. And that adds up to have real impact on people’s lives.”

For reference, donations of $1000 can help support Living Well in many meaningful and impactful ways. A $1,000 can pay for the installation of ceiling lifts in a home, providing safe movement throughout a home for the people who live there and the people who care for them. A $1,000 can pay for sidewalk and driveway repairs to insure people can safely get to and from medical appointments. And $1,000 can fund donation-based services including art and music therapy that give people new ways to communicate.

Rodney and Lisa getting a van washed

Heather Heier, Communications Manager, adds, “Perhaps as important as the money, is knowing that everyone who donated small amounts during the grand opening now knows just a little bit more about Living Well and what we do. Opportunities like this are amazing and organic ways to get disability awareness on the radar. I am so happy to have met Marty, and really impressed with his passion for helping others. He is a great guy!”

Marty and Rodney

Rodney from our Poppler House is an avid car fan and was on hand to thank the team. Marty had a great time getting to know him and shared, “Relationship building is key. It was great to have a conversation with Rodney and listen to him discuss his neighborhood and his connection to businesses in the area. Knowing that Living Well embeds people into the community is wonderful, and meaningful. The way they involve the people from their homes in the community is important to me. Getting out of the house and being part of community is essential and I really enjoyed meeting him.”

Kathy Anderson, Volunteer Manager, was also excited to be there. The Silverstar team are given hours to volunteer in community, and she shared with them several ways they can get involved. Kathy says, “We are looking forward to volunteer support from the Silverstar Team, especially with our homes in Inver Grove Heights. Building friendships with neighbors is priceless!”

Silverstar Team: Gabriel Pantano, Site Manager for Inver Grove Heights; Tim Indehar, Assistant Site Manager; Ryan Schledrup, Director of Operations, Minneapolis Market

We are grateful for Marty, and his entire team at Sliverstar Car Wash, and wish them well as they grow their business. They have two more grand openings coming up in Blaine and Anoka, and we are grateful other nonprofits will benefit from their generosity, too. Partnerships like this are impactful beyond measure, and we look forward to meeting even more amazing teams in 2024.


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It’s not too late to email support for disability services providers. You can find your legislators contact info here, and send an email or make a call. The legislative session goes through May, so there is time.