Year-end giving, usually between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, is a time when people are thinking about giving and showing gratitude to friends and family. As many shop for holiday presents, and start receiving gifts, people are often inspired to give back to their communities and organizations that make a difference. And it is at this time that many people and businesses think more deeply about giving to their favorite non-profits. It is a narrow window with a big impact.

With the spirit of the season, it is probably not surprising that end of year donations account for 37% of charitable giving. Combining that number with the total for U.S. donations—$484.85 billion in 2021—tells us that about $179.39 billion changes hands in the final few months of the year.

And it is not just great for non-profit organizations serving the community, studies have shown that generosity improves health and sense of purpose. Community matters.

Devan Heinsen, CDO, says, “Giving matters each day of the year, but we see a surge of generosity during the final months of the year. Year-end donations can significantly influence the financial stability of the organization for the coming year. For us at Living Well, each donation fuels our ability to innovate, develop, and make a lasting impact for Minnesotans impacted by disabilities. I am so grateful for the incredible relationships that surround our mission!”

Jamee Yung, Individual Giving Manager, says, “Living Well relies on support from grateful families and donors to provide care beyond the basics. Donations help Living Well provide many of the programs and services that make a difference in the lives of so many people impacted by disabilities. These programs include person-centered care, art and music therapy, and adaptive equipment that provides independence. When people support Living Well Disability Services, they are giving more than money. They are advocating for people with disabilities. They are saying that they believe everyone deserves to live well and with respect. And we are so grateful for the support!”

But don’t just take it from us, Adam Grant is a renowned organizational psychologist and best-selling author. He is also a Professor of Management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. His work seeks to understand human motivation and the search for meaning in life. He has over two million followers on Instagram, and several popular TED Talks. He famously says, “The thrill of getting is fleeting. The joy of giving lasts.”

Sandy, Don Jr, and Donny Golofski.

Donny and Sandy Golofski’s son, Don. Jr., lives at our Inndale home. He has been with us since 2017 and has many friends and staff who adore him at the home. Everyone loves Don Jr. because he is a thoughtful and giving person, raised by a wonderful family. Donny and Sandy gave a generous gift just this week, and Donny says, “We are proud to be part of giving to Living Well! It is such a great organization of people, no, angels who do so much to help individuals live a decent lifestyle! We cannot say enough about the people working and volunteering at Living Well and the kindness and love they share in supporting people living with disabilities.”

Don with his sister Erica, Sandy, aunts, cousins and PM Mary Larson, when in Florida.

It appears the feeling is mutual. Mary Larson, Program Manager, says, “I cannot say enough great things about the entire family. Everyone is involved with Don and the staff, and we are so appreciative. They are always willing to come and help, and they visit often. They go above and beyond and are truly incredible.” The entire team at Inndale, and all of us at Living Well, are beyond grateful for the support.

It takes a lot for nonprofits to meet their missions. We are grateful for the donations and support we receive this time of year and always. Please know that every dollar raised has a direct impact on the lives of the people we serve, and also shows the world that people and families living with disabilities are worthy of inclusion and support.

Thank you to everyone for being Living Well advocates, we appreciate your time, talent and treasure.


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