If you are looking to make a career out of caring, there is no better place to start making a difference than working with Living Well Disability Services. We serve 300 people with developmental, intellectual, and physical disabilities in 37 group homes throughout the Metro. We also provide services in private homes for people who need assistance, but not 24/7 care. With 500 employees and access to 700 volunteers, there are supports in place—but we need more employees to join the team.


Working in a group home provides an immediate opportunity to make a direct impact on the lives of people with disabilities. The people we serve need help with daily tasks but are also craving inclusion and community. Our employees are advocates for the disabled, who spend their days caring for others and creating opportunities for the people we serve to thrive and live rich and full lives. Our staff provides lifesaving care for those who need 24/7 assistance, but they also provide hope and positivity. Many of the people we serve interact primarily with people paid to be there, but our staff goes the extra mile and shows up with empathy and kindness. Our people feel seen and supported, and that makes a huge difference when it comes to quality of life and living with purpose versus simply living.


Like the rest of the country, we are facing a staff shortage unseen in our almost 50 years of serving people who need care beyond the basics. If you or anyone you know is looking for a career—not just a job—apply today. Living Well offers great benefits and meaningful work, but more importantly we also offer the kind of environment where people stick around because the work matters. In a workforce facing lots of turnovers, we are delighted to report at Living Well you will be in the company of people committed to their jobs. Working here you will be surrounded by professionals who put others first and act as mentors to new hires. We are proud to report that 194 of our staff members have been with the company for over five years. In this market you might be surprised to learn the breakdown of our long-term staff:

As you can see, these numbers are impressive and showcase that 38% of our staff has been with the company over five years. And 5% have come to work at Living Well for over 30 years! We are lucky to have 194 employees with a combined 2,450 years of professional care giving experience. That is a lot of on-the-job training and provides extensive mentoring opportunities for new hires.

Another thing that is important to note is there are opportunities for advancement. Our COO, Rod Carlson, started 36 years ago as a direct care professional, our Senior Director of Program Services, Beth Tollefson, and Volunteer Manager, Kathy Anderson, both started 30 years ago, and many of our staff have filled different roles thorough their tenure. Our people value the work, and we value their steadfast contributions to making Living Well a safe place for all. The work is hard, and the hours can feel extra-long with Covid still lingering—but the need is as important as ever.

Beth Tollefson, far left, has been with Living well for 30 years. Jenni Zeis, second from right, has been with the company for almost 37 years. Here they ready our Diane Road home for opening back in 1992.

Caring for others is perhaps one of the most important jobs there is, and we hope you join us.


At Living Well we believe in people, in kindness and in helping others thrive. We recently updated our vision and values to reflect why employees would want to work with us, and we hope you agree:

OUR MISSION—Living Well Disability Services transforms the lives of people impacted by disabilities through the delivery of exceptional services

OUR VISION—A day when people impacted by disabilities and our employees live well

OUR VALUES—Advocacy, Community, Leadership, Respect, Wellness — Our values shape our decisions and guide our actions