VOLUNTEER to Give Joy and Get Joy

Both groups and individuals who volunteer with us are an invaluable resource who help us to continue providing exceptional services.  Your time is valuable and your skills are unique. Our Volunteer Program Manager, Kathy Anderson, can help you find just the right fit for both.  Whether preparing meals, playing games, gardening, or sprucing up one of our homes —  our volunteers help us all to keep Living Well. Contact Kathy Anderson to find out more about any volunteer opportunities:  Kathy.Anderson@livingwell.org or 651.242.5141.

ADVOCATE to Support People with Disabilities

If you believe Minnesota should value people of all abilities, your voice is key and makes a real difference. By communicating with your legislators, you can make sure that Minnesotans with disabilities are included and empowered. Our Advocacy page has updates of events to attend or actions to take that make a difference at The Capitol.  With your participation we can make sure that the decisions made by the legislature have a positive effect on those impacted by disabilities.

DONATE to Make Our Exceptional Services Possible

There are many ways to contribute financially to Living Well Disability Services. The importance of these individual contributions can’t be overstated.  State and federal programs provide funds for the bare minimum care.  It’s gifts from our friends, supporters, and partners that make it possible for us to maintain exceptional services; services that open doors to opportunity, dignity, and choice for the people we support. Take a look at our donation page to see how any gift can have huge impact.