Put your time and talents to good use for a great cause

Make a Big IMPACT!

Each and every day for over 50 years we have supported people with disabilities and helped them live with independence and opportunity. We are dedicated to supporting health in mind, body, and spirit through our organization-wide culture of wellness. Our volunteers play an integral part in the lives of people we support. Volunteer opportunities are available for individuals, business clubs, and groups at our 37 homes, our administrative office, and at events.

Covid changed the way we did things for a while, but we are gratefully incorporating our previous opportunities with our Covid volunteer activities. This creates a perfect blend of choices that will positively impact both volunteers and the people we serve.

The Opportunities

Love food but hate to cook? Looking for a quick one-hour volunteer shift with direct and impressive impact, that happens to be family friendly? Look no further. Our Meal Master’s program took off during Covid and is an easy way to contribute time by preparing freezer meals for our 37 group homes. Each shift creates 12 pans of easy to assemble recipes, which equates to 120 servings of healthy delicious food that will be enjoyed by the people we serve and the home staff. This program directly frees up time for the direct support professionals for more one on one time instead of meal prep, and brings new and exciting options on a weekly basis. Better yet, you can leave with the recipe and create a few for your family when you get home!

Spend time in one of our homes where fun people love to have someone to hang out with. Listen to music, play games, make crafts, or prepare some fun snacks. Just a couple hours a few times per month can bring JOY and make an invaluable difference in a person’s quality of life.

By coming to one of our homes you will be helping our mission in two valuable ways. On a micro level, showing up for others and helping them feel seen and supported by community instead of a paid caregiver is essential for self-esteem and empowerment. On a macro level, these interactions seep into conversations with family members and professional networks, opening the door for others to fully support and understand the needs of people with disabilities everywhere, and especially in our own circles of influence

Volunteer drivers give rides to the people we support so they can get to their activities and appointments in the community. You will be assigned to one of our homes and trained to drive the accessible van. Scheduling is flexible and direct care staff typically accompany you and the person. Background and driver record checks are required.

Another opportunity that arose from Covid closures, but will likely stick around, is the use of volunteer drivers to deliver packages, meals and mail to the 37 homes. This makes it easier on staff, and also creates an opportunity for one on one with time and short visits with the people at the homes. Visitors break up the day and create small touchpoints for connection.

Don’t we all like to spend time in meaningful activities that enhance our feeling of well-being? When you bring a specific skill as a wellness ally, your unique talents help to decrease stress, improve social skills, and increase confidence in the individuals and groups involved.

Here are just a few examples of what you can bring as a wellness ally:
Music – Play an instrument, sing
Animals – Dog walking, pet visits
Gardening & Nature – Veggie plots and flower pots, birdwatching, rock collecting
Arts & Crafts – Painting, sculpting, jewelry-making, creating holiday décor
Exercise & Movement – Walking, biking, weights, stretching, gym partner
Relaxation & Spirituality – Mindfulness exercises, sensory techniques, accompany to places of worship

Help Living Well homes get spruced up in Spring and fall with yard clean up.

Corporate groups, families and organizations interested in making a difference in the homes we serve are invited to help clear winter debris and prep gardens in Spring, then in Fall remove plants and pots as the homes winterize their gardens. Groups as small as 4, and up to 20+ welcome. Often times people served will assist and be on site to thank the groups for the hard work. 

Yard work shifts range from 2-6+ hours and days are selected to work for the homes and the groups availability. 



Please check back frequently as opportunities change. Have an idea of a way to help volunteer with us? Please contact us, we can customize options when appropriate.

Adopt a Home


Whether you’re an individual or a corporation with a volunteer team, an amateur, or a seasoned home improvement professional–we welcome all of you to help maintain and improve our homes. We want our 37 homes to be as exceptional as our services, and we can’t do it without your generous help. There are opportunities for spring and fall yard lean cup, gardening, and various house tasks just waiting for you or your smiling team!

Get Togethers! 

We support a variety of people who love to have celebrations in their homes. Your group can host a party — nothing fancy, just something simple with activities, games, music, and treats. It’s terrific when volunteers sign on to celebrate monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. Your generous spirit brings treasured camaraderie and happiness to the people we support. And, who doesn’t love a PARTY?


You can bring yourself or a whole group to provide priceless assistance with household tasks like grocery shopping, food preparation, cleaning, laundry, and other household “to do” projects. When you take on these tasks, you free up time for both staff and the people we support to maximize time spent on individual wellness.

For more information on any of our volunteer opportunities, please contact: